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Kinect's global sales reach 2.5 million with the help of Black Friday

Microsoft's crawl towards its "five million units in 2010" sales goal for Kinect turned into more of a headfirst dash during these past few deal-packed days. The company has announced that the device's global sales have reached 2.5 million, supported by retailer discounts on the hardware and its console bundle over Black Friday weekend, as well as the hardware's arrival in additional territories across the globe.

Of course, to reach its lofty goal, the Kinect's going to have move a considerable number of units next month -- but Microsoft Interactive Entertainment president Don Mattrick boasts in a press release that "we are on pace to reach our forecast of 5 million units sold to consumers this holiday." In the end, though, that's completely in the hands of the holiday shopping lists of the world. Also, Santa Claus.

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