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Adobe announces 10.2 beta of Flash Player


For those who crave being on the bleeding edge of browser plug-in technology, this is your lucky day -- Adobe's Flash Player 10.2 beta is now downloadable for the Mac, as well as for Windows and Linux machines.

The big advance in this build is preliminary support for Stage Video, the new playback infrastructure that is intended to further reduce Flash's performance impact while playing back video content. While previous versions of Flash Player 10 leveraged GPU acceleration for video decoding, 10.2 offloads nearly all the video pipeline tasks onto the GPU to alleviate most of the CPU load.

The new version also improves text rendering and, for dual-screen machines, allows full-screen playback on one monitor while allowing you to work on another monitor. Adobe's full announcement post is here; if you want to download the plug-in, you can get it here and then check out the Stage Video demo clips.

[via CNET MacFixit]

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