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Animated wallpaper running on a jailbroken iPad

David Quilty

In case you needed even more distraction and less battery life from your iPad, MacStories wants you to know about the ultimate hack just for you. For jailbroken iPads, a new app allows for having animated backgrounds just like Android devices. Called vWallpaper, it enables a video resized for the device's screen to be used an animated background, even while browsing and viewing apps. Of course, you could just run Android on your iPad and skip the hack, but that's more than some people are willing to do.

My buddy runs an animated background on his Android phone (which makes it impossible for me to find the app I want, personally), but he seems to like the look of it. His battery life definitely suffers though, and while the iPad definitely has decent battery life, I would think this hack would cut it down significantly. If you want to do it anyway (and have a jailbroken iPad), you can get vWallpaper from the danstaface repo.

Click Read More to check out a video of vWallpaper in action.

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