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Black Friday sees lots of new devices, record app downloads this year


Flurry's analytics blog has a new post up about the bump that the App Store got last weekend. As I said in last week's talkcast, app developers have noticed that the holiday shopping season not only brings a slew of new iPod touches and iPhones into the mix (and this year, the iPad as well), but a resultant flood of customers seeking to buy and try out new apps. According to Flurry, new devices jumped on Black Friday by 57%, and total growth over the entire weekend was 31%. App downloads were also big over the weekend, but surprisingly the biggest day of downloads was on Thursday, which would hint that most of the jump in downloads came from sales to already-owned devices, not the devices picked up on Black Friday.

At any rate, there was a lot of money made on the App Store last weekend, and there's more to come: even more than the Black Friday weekend, app store developers have found that the few days after Christmas are even bigger for app sales, as everyone goes onto iTunes and spends gift cards and buys new apps for the devices found under their Christmas trees. So look for more sales to pop up then, and even higher revenue numbers to appear as well.

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