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Bust the blockade and storm the fortress in DDO's Update 8


Excited about Dungeons and Dragons Online's Update 8? Do you feel a jolt race up your arm when you contemplate its glory and find yourself breathless? That may be a heart condition -- perhaps you should get it checked out? Or it could be the weighty dose of content that's about to descend on your chest, you never know!

Along with cookie jars and cosmetic armor, DDO's Update 8 will unleash a quartet of new adventures for brave dungeoneers. In a recent promotional post for the patch, Turbine's provided a description for each of the level 13 adventures. The first, "Assault on Summerfield," has your team defending the city against waves of invasion, while the subsequent "Blockade Buster" gives you the opportunity to sail to the enemy ships at night and blow them up. In a pair of longer modules, "Undermine" and "Siegebreaker" offer daring groups a chance to infiltrate the enemy base and shut down their supply line of troops once and for all.

As of right now, we do not have word as to the pricing plan for these adventures if you are a F2P player. However, it's never too soon to get ready to protect Stormreach in Update 8 by reading this post. And stay tuned -- we'll be taking a deeper look at Update 8 later this week on Massively!

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