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Game Dev Story 2 coming to iPhone, eventually


Can you believe this is our first Game Dev Story post? And about the sequel, no less? Believe it.

We'll try to rectify our previous oversight today by bringing you the welcome news that Game Dev Story 2 will be coming to the iOS platform ... at some point. "We will be developing a sequel," Kairosoft, the Game Dev (uh) game dev, told Touch Arcade, "but we are not planning on releasing it soon."

Like the original -- a quirky, standout management sim that's currently just hanging onto a spot in the Top 200 App Store games ranking -- Game Dev Story 2 is expected to be a localized port of an ancient Japanese PC game. The first Game Dev Story actually dates back to 1996, while its sequel debuted on PC roughly a decade ago.

"We are thinking of improving the game by adding elements of networking in the sequel, such as sales score rankings and sending employees to a friend's company," Kairosoft said of the planned iPhone port. "The next iPhone App will be a CMS [construction and management simulation] game like SimCity, where you touch to scroll, zoom in/out, etc." Most importantly, Kairosoft would "like to release English versions" of Game Dev Story 2 and all its numerous, adorable little titles on iOS. Bring on that "Cruise Great Trip" story!

[Pictured: Game Dev Story 2 (PC); source: Kairosoft]

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