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Upcoming DJ Hero 2 DLC dares to mix Funky Cold Medina


Activision has announced three more weeks' worth of DJ Hero 2 DLC. And, in keeping with the concept of the game, it's a pretty eclectic mixture. Today, you'll be able to download a track mixing The Pixies' "Debaser" and The Prodigy's "Invaders Must Die," and a track that combines the Beastie Boys' "Body Movin'" with Lenny Kravitz's "Rock and Roll Is Dead." Well, is it dead or is the body movin'?

On December 14, an "Old Skool" pack will include combinations of the Fat Boys and Mantronix, Tag Team and 45 King, and Beastie Boys with Tone Loc. We're a bit worried about that last one, as we'd be terrified of the side effects after changing the composition of the Funky Cold Medina. It's volatile on its own!

On December 21, the promised Linkin Park remix DLC will be available. We're listin' all the DLC after the break.

Xbox 360 / PS3 / Wii

November 30 - Hard Edge Mix Pack (480 Microsoft Points / $5.99)
  • Pixies - "Debaser" mixed with The Prodigy - "Invaders Must Die"
  • Beastie Boys - "Body Movin'" mixed with Lenny Kravitz "Rock and Roll Is Dead"
December 14 - Old Skool Mix Pack (640 Microsoft Points / $7.99)
  • Fat Boys - "Human Beat Box" mixed with Mantronix - "King of the Beats"
  • Tag Team - "Whoomp! (There It Is)" mixed with 45 King - "The 900 Number"
  • Beastie Boys - "Triple Trouble" mixed with Tone Loc - "Funky Cold Medina"
December 21 - Linkin Park Mix Pack (640 Microsoft Points / $7.99 / 550 Wii Points)
  • "The Catalyst (Does It Offend You, Yeah? Remix)" remixed by FSG
  • "When They Come For Me" remixed by Diplo
  • "Pts.of.Athrty" remixed by FSG
Track packs not available on Wii; all tracks downloadable for 300 Wii Points each.

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