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Add a number keypad to your Apple Wireless Keyboard

David Quilty

Still find yourself reaching for the non-existent number keypad on your Apple Wireless Keyboard? Well, it looks like you may be in luck: Wireless Goodness has uncovered some information about LMP's new 28-key Bluetooth keypad. Running off two AA batteries and made from the same anodized aluminum finish that Apple is known for, this number pad can be attached to the right-hand side of your wireless keyboard mimicking a standard-sized keyboard layout. For those of you who want a little space between your keyboard and keypad, it can also be kept separate off to either side.

We've seen some interesting accessories for Apple's keyboards before like this carved wood keyboard tray, but this looks like this one could be a worthy investment for many people. No word yet on availability or price, but I imagine the LMP Keypad will be available soon as it has already gone through the FCC.

I have used the Apple Wireless Keyboard for quite some time now and have never had a need for the numerical keypad -- but maybe that's because I am bad with numbers. My brother the accountant, though? He could definitely use one of these.

[via Engadget]

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