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Apple's Ping among Business Insider's tech flops of 2010

Michael Gray

Business Insider lists Ping among the 15 biggest flops in tech for 2010. The reason for this listing is that Ping was launched with a great deal of publicity, but it still hasn't gained much of a foothold in the hearts and minds of its users. Business Insider cites the reminder mail about Ping, sent earlier this month, as evidence that Ping has failed.

I'm not sure there's anyone jumping up and down about what a crazy, unbelievable success Ping has been, but the service has only been around since September. I don't think three months is enough time to count Apple out of the social network game, especially when we know they're still working to smooth things out with Facebook. While Ping hasn't set the world on fire in 2010, here's hoping it gets some traction and real motion in 2011.

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