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DISH Network updates Remote Access TV app to work with iPad

David Quilty

There's a new version of Dish Network's Remote Access app, and for iPad users running iOS 4 or higher it's got a killer feature. Subscribers will now not only have the ability to manage their DVR and schedule recordings away from home, but to also watch live TV on their iPad.

While the Remote Access app itself is free and available from the App Store, streaming live video and DVR content (branded as "TV Everywhere" by Dish) requires a ViP 922 Slingloaded DVR or the purchase of a Sling Adapter for US $99.99 to worth with a ViP 722 or ViP 722k HD DuoDVR. Using a single USB connection to your internet-connected DVR, the Sling Adapter allows users to watch live satellite TV via a web browser, the Sling client or the Remote Access app.

You can also watch via your Mac (on or, although the processor requirements (2.8GHz Core 2 Duo or better) are pretty steep, and the browser plugin requires Snow Leopard users to run Safari in 32-bit mode. While Electronista says that the app should also work on a fast 3G link, I highly doubt you will be receiving any hi-def video via that connection. Dish offers a connection tester tool that will let you prequalify your speed and your computer for streaming video.

We have talked about the SlingPlayer for iPad app before, but for those Dish Network customers out there this should definitely free up your ability to watch satellite TV from somewhere other than your couch.

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