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Keiji Inafune starts new blog, smiles all the way


Keiji Inafune seems to be all smiles following his decision to leave Capcom. The now title-less former executive has launched a new blog, but doesn't have his corporate translator on hand anymore, so many of you will require the interpretive aid of Mr. Google.

Andriasang's helpful human-powered translation explains that Inafune has nothing major to reveal in his first post, but hopes to make announcements through the site when he's got something to say. The Mega Man character designer and Dead Rising producer reaffirms that he still wants to be involved in games in his new, unaffiliated capacity, but would also like to explore manga, books and film -- something in which we've seen him dabble in the past.

Inafune states that he'd like to exceed his former self and do the things he couldn't during his days as a "salaryman." Given his long history as an entrenched part of Capcom (and the Japanese game industry as a whole), this could be the start of some surprising developments.

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