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Super Meat Boy fried by PETA's Tofu Boy


Animal activist organization PETA has released its latest parody, Super Tofu Boy, an extra firm lampoon of the beefy Super Meat Boy. Using the basic gameplay of the superb platformer as its inspiration, PETA's take has Tofu Boy saving Bandage Girl from Meat Boy, who has kidnapped his now ex-girlfriend for dumping him for the silken lover.

Even if you don't believe that delicious, raw meat is "bad," Tofu Boy is still an amusing distraction, even if it's ultimately a processed imitation. We've contacted Team Meat to find out if Meat Boy has a response. You may recall that Cooking Mama found her PETA parody quite "runderful."

Update: Team Meat's Edmund McMillen wrote back to tell us he finds PETA's attention "extremely flattering." He expressed, "For them to do a parody of Meat Boy during our launch week on Steam... there's no way we can complain about that." He did note, however, they had beaten PETA to the Tofu Boy gag with a comic for their beefy bundle of joy.

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