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Trion answers Ubisoft-related questions about Rift

Jef Reahard

With Rift's closed beta starting this Friday, an early 2011 launch date is looking likely. In service of that, Trion Worlds is busily getting its house in order and gearing up to push the fantasy epic live around the world. Earlier today Massively reported on Trion's announcement that gaming megalith Ubisoft would be publishing the upcoming MMORPG in Europe. The Ubisoft name-drop brought to light some reader concerns about the draconian DRM schemes the publisher is (in)famous for, so we decided to go straight to the source to clear things up.

Join us after the cut for an impromptu interview with Trion Worlds Senior VP of Publishing David Reid.

Massively: Is Ubisoft the publisher of Rift for Europe?

David Reid: Trion is the worldwide publisher for Rift. Ubisoft is distributing the game into retail channels for the territories listed.

How will European gamers outside the Ubisoft territories be able to get the game?

Trion is selling directly to UK retailers and will be working with leading distributors for other European territories such as Italy, Spain, Greece, etc.

Will Rift be using Ubisoft's DRM?

No. As an MMO, Rift doesn't require DRM in the same way standalone software does. Gamers will need to be connected to our servers and have an authenticated account as per standard MMO procedures and that serves effectively as our DRM.

Will Ubisoft be operating European servers for Rift?

No. As the worldwide publisher, Trion will be operating all Rift servers in North America and Europe.

Where are the Rift servers located?

Our servers are hosted in Dallas in North America and Amsterdam in Europe. Our goal was to establish a centrally located facility for both markets to ensure optimal performance.

Can European and North American gamers play on the same servers, or is the game "region locked?"

Yes, European and North American gamers can play together. MMOs by their nature are very social experiences and Trion believes it's critical to let gamers play with their friends wherever they are located. Europeans can play on North American servers and vice-versa, and our testing thus far suggests the game's performance will work fine whichever server you choose to play on regardless of your location.


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