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TUAW's Daily App: Heroes Lore


Back when EA premiered its list of upcoming App Store titles, one stood out for me: Heroes Lore III is now out on the App Store for US$1.99. This one's interesting -- it's a Korean RPG that's been translated over to the iPhone. If you've ever played any of the old 16-bit Super Nintendo RPGs like Secret of Mana, you'll know how this one works. You can level up and fight enemies in real time while using various abilities and gearing your way up through a sizable story. There are five classes to play with, and two different factions to fight for, as well as the ability to battle other players along the way.

Early reviews say the controls are a little wonky, so you might end up wrestling with the iPhone's touchscreen a bit. Some of the classes are a little unbalanced, too. Not all of them work as well as others, so you'll probably find a few favorites and stick with those. Still, it's very interesting to see EA bring a game like this to the App Store. If you're a fan of those old RPGs on the 16-bit systems, you'll probably enjoy this one. It's available for just a few bucks right now.

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