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Uwe Boll to direct In the Name of the King 2, sequel ditches 'Dungeon Siege' name


Honestly, we'd have loved to have been a fly on the wall when this one was proposed. Sure, it's not the first sequel to one of Boll's movies (and something deep down tells us it won't be the last), but when all the cards were on the table, the one thing everyone felt was the biggest detriment to a potential sequel for In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale was the "Dungeon Siege" subtitle and not, you know, the director. But we digress.

Plans for the sequel, which will be called In the Name of the King 2, move on largely unabated, Bloginity reports. Boll will once again plant his rump in the director's chair and help produce a sequel to the worst movie Jason Statham has ever done in his career -- actually, scratch that. As for who will take over the lead, that distinct honor falls on Dolph Lundgren. According to an interview he did with blogtalk radio (via Bloginity), he'll play a war vet who somehow gets transported back in time and ends up in "some sort of medieval power struggle."

Of course, Lundgren's assessment of the movie's plot is nowhere near as fabulous as Boll's. We've pasted it past the break because it's kinda the best thing we've ever read. It's also probably spoilery.

"It's like contemporary, right now big city, and we have Dolph Lundgren basically being a cop or like a fighting coordinator working as this, and one night he gets attacked by ninjas in his house and fell with the ninjas into a vortex back in time. And then it turns out it's like 50 years after the first part In the Name of the King ended, and Ehb is destroyed and everybody is dead, Jason Statham and everybody who was in the first part, got wiped out. They say he was basically sent into the future, he's the son of Jason Statham, and he was sent into the future, brought up in an orphanage, because the parents felt that they would all die. So he is basically the last survivor of the kingdom of Ehb so he should bring the kingdom back in charge."

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