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Angry Birds add-on puts some holiday cheer in your pig murder

Are you looking to fulfill you annual desire to get totally pumped for the holidays, but can't seem to stop playing the iPhone sensation Angry Birds long enough to do so? Thanks to a recently published expansion to Rovio's tower-toppling App, you can now kill two birds with one high-velocity bird. For $0.99 on iOS ($1.99 for the HD version), or for free (but ad-supported) on Android, you can download "Season's Greedings," an add-on that features a new level every day in the 25 days leading up to Christmas. It's like an advent calendar! Only ... like, way more fun.

Purchasing the pack also unlocks the 45-level Halloween expansion for free -- or, if you've already acquired this extra spooky level pack, you can grab "Season's Greedings" in a free title update. We wonder if we can expect a purchase of this new add-on to grant us free admission to the next holiday-themed level pack, "New Year's Evil Pigs," or "Punxsutawney Panic." (Yes, those are made up. For now.)

Download: Angry Birds Seasons [iOS SD: $0.99] [iOS HD: $1.99] [Android: Free]

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