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Apple takes down AirPrint Hacktivator, and now it's back as AirPrint Activator


Remember AirPrint Hacktivator?

It's the little hack that makes it possible for AirPrint to work with any shared printer on a Mac. We've covered the free app several times on TUAW, most recently when version 1.7 came out.

After we published that post, a TUAW reader pointed out that despite the fact that developer Netputing had touted "no Apple files are redistributed nor installed by the latest version," those files were indeed still in 1.7. TUAW contacted Netputing, and they immediately removed the files in version 1.7.1.

Despite a busy lawsuit life, Apple's legal department apparently has nothing better to do, so they sent Netputing a nice little email via asking them to remove all of the pre-1.7.1 versions of the app. The site was down temporarily, but now it's back and 100% legal.

Here's hoping that AirPrint Hacktivator is here to stay!

Update: The Netputing team has renamed the app to AirPrint Activator, reflecting the 'clean' implementation sans Apple-proprietary files.

[via MacStories]

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