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Mobiola WebCamera gets localization, AppleScript support


It's always nice when developers respond to the suggestions of reviewers.

A few weeks ago, I wrote a review of Mobiola Web Cam from SHAPE Services. It's a combination of an iPhone app and a desktop (Windows and Mac) client that turns your iPhone into a webcam. At one point in my review, I suggested that it would be nice to see scripting support built into the Mac desktop client for automating the process of capturing screen shots or video from the camera.

Just over two weeks later, the app has a slightly different name (WebCamera instead of Web Cam), it's localized in German, Italian, Spanish, French, and Dutch, and AppleScript support has been added. The app is currently on sale for US$1.99 from the usual $4.99 price, so if you're thinking about picking it up, now's a good time.

A quick look at the Mobiola WebCamera Scripting Suite from AppleScript showed three new verbs: take snapshot, start recording, and stop recording. With these, and a connected property that's part of the application class, it's quite simple to write an AppleScript that waits for the iPhone to connect to the desktop app, and then takes a picture or timed video at regular intervals.

I found that I also no longer needed to specify an IP address and port for the client and app to get the camera to connect, so it's obvious that the developers at SHAPE Services are paying attention to reviewers and customers to make a good app even better.

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