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Norwegian Apple reseller suffers break-in, 50 boxes stolen


An Apple reseller in Norway, of all places, suffered a break-in earlier this morning. According to the main local paper, Aftenposten, the thieves stole a BMW, which was then used to back into the store as seen in the wild pictures above. Once the storefront was broken open, 50 boxes were lifted from the property. While the stolen property was not identified, odds are that there were at least a few iPads in there, given that the device was just released in that country.

Two masked men were apparently seen fleeing the scene, but it's not known if the police have gotten in touch with Batman or Robin yet. Demand for the iPad is off the charts in other countries right now (not that it's suffering here in the US), so it's not surprising that they're seeing robberies overseas as well. Hopefully the thieves will be brought to justice and the stolen Apple products recovered.

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