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SNES controller and N64 console turned into iPad docks


Etsy user Geekunique sent along some links to these great pictures of old school Nintendo gaming units turned into iPad and iPhone docks. Above, you can see a Super Nintendo controller fashioned into a working iPhone 4 dock, and he's also got a Nintendo 64 console (though unfortunately it's the green translucent one, not the best looking, if you ask me) turned into an iPad dock. Pretty funny -- not only does the build look pretty good from the pictures, but of course Nintendo is probably the game juggernaut most threatened by the rising field of iOS games, so it's ironic that you've got an iOS device using Nintendo hardware as a stand.

Geekunique is selling these (and only a few of them, so they'll probably be sold out by the time you read this), but it seems easy enough to cut a slot into one of these old devices and put an iPhone charger cord in there. If you have an old piece of hardware sitting around and do eventually hack it into an iOS stand, be sure to send us a picture!

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