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World of Warcraft streaming and playable on an HTC Desire

Hey GameString! You guys need to cut it out. Yes, the tech demo you've been circulating for your cloud-based, game-streaming technology is wicked impressive, but the subject of said demo is just plain irresponsible. Using its own "Adrenalin Host Server" and a customized, touch-based user interface, GameString has managed to run a playable version of World of Warcraft on an HTC Desire smartphone. (Check out a video demonstrations after the jump.)

Sure, we've seen WoW running on an iPad recently, and we've seen a few cumbersome attempts to put it on a mobile phone in the past, but we're concerned nonetheless. Until now, the only thing keeping the world from ... well, stopping, was the fact that you couldn't properly play World of Warcraft without sitting (or biking) at your computer. Just think: If GameString pulls this off, you could soon be able to grind, farm, raid and PvP your way through Azeroth using a thing that fits in the pocket of your skinniest jeans! That's gonna be it, man. That's gonna be the end of this great big beautiful experiment we call humanity.

If you're looking to contribute to, you know, the apocalypse, you can sign up for the Adrenalin Host Server's public beta on GameString's official site.

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