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Lilt Line dubsteps onto WiiWare December 13, iPhone version free


There's no new Bit. Trip game on WiiWare in December (as far as we know!) but you'll still be able to give Gaijin Games a little money in exchange for some abstract, challenging, musically integrated WiiWare radness, in the form of Gaijin's port of Lilt Line. It'll be out in North America on December 13. A demo will also be released.

In case you're not familiar with the iPhone version, involves tilting to control the angle of a line as it moves through a narrow path, occasionally tapping in time with the dubstep soundtrack. Also, if you're not familiar with it but have an iPhone, you can get that version for free right now. Consider it a preview of the WiiWare release! Or just consider it a free game! Or something!

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