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Thrustmaster teases Gran Turismo 5 racing wheel

Look, you've waited 800 years for Gran Turismo 5 to arrive; don't you think you've earned the right to play the game the way God (and Kazunori Yamauchi) intended? We're speaking, of course, about playing the game using a beefy racing wheel created by the most suggestively named peripheral manufacturer on the planet: The Thrustmaster T500RS, which was recently teased on the company's official site.

Previously, Logitech's Driving Force wheel (which is currently available for the PS3) was the only peripheral to grab the Gran Turismo license, but judging by the aforementioned (GT5-branded) teaser, Thrustmaster managed to get its hands on it as well. According to Engadget, the wheel appears to be equipped with the same magnetic sensors built into the HOTAS Warthog flight stick, and is rumored to hit retail at around $500. Thrustmaster hasn't revealed any official details quite yet, but promises more information will surface during CES 2011.

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