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ARGO Online opens up closed beta signups

Looking for something interesting to play on your older might-as-well-be-steam-powered computer? How about a free-to-play MMO? What if I said it was a hybrid steampunk post-apocalyptic sci-fi fantasy free-to-play MMO? If that sounds interesting then grab your keyboard, as the closed beta for ARGO Online is gearing up and burda:ic is looking for all manner of testers.

ARGO Online is a world torn by two factions -- the nature-loving Floresslah and the technology-based Noblians -- struggling to gain supremacy of what's left after dropping enormous bombs on each other. Among many of the things players can look forward to in the upcoming beta are classes like Bomber and Chaser, PvP challenges that will offer wide-ranging battles between hundreds of players at a time, a pet system, tradeskills, and more. The system requirements are also fairly low, which opens up the potential for more people to play. If you'd like more information or you want to sign up and lend a hand with testing, head over to the ARGO Online website and check it out.

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