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ASUS E600 WP7 smartphone stops by the FCC, possibly destined for AT&T

Tim Stevens

ASUS was definitely one of the early players to get all excited about Windows Phone 7, yet as the OS release came and went all we were left with was a couple of blurrycam shots and a little video of a four-inch slab from the company. Now we have some further less than flattering pictures, but these come from a very solid source: the FCC. Curiously this filing dates back to April, and the inclusion of a Garmin Asus branding on the AC adapter is another indicator that this phone comes from an earlier time. We're hearing rumors at this point that this phone may actually never see a retail release, that it's now just a test bed for future models, but if it does pop up at retail it'll likely be nestled in at AT&T stores. If you all wish hard enough, maybe it'll finally find its way.

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