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iPad accounts for 8 percent of global mobile PC shipments

David Quilty

Apple is the number one mobile PC manufacturer in North America and third overall in the world, according to published results from research company DisplaySearch. While these rankings account for all of Apple's mobile computers combined, the iPad accounted for 8 percent of mobile computer shipments in the third quarter alone, a decent percentage of the 55 million mobile PC units shipped for the three month period. With the majority of these iPad sales going just to North America, Apple should increase that percentage once it pushes further into up-and-coming markets in Asia and the Middle East.

As for the worldwide rankings, Hewlett-Packard remained number one with 17.3 percent of the market share while Acer came in second with 16.5 percent. Apple finished third with 12.4 percent of the worldwide mobile PC market. However, as we noted earlier today, iPads may also be hurting netbook sales. HP and Acer are getting smaller than expected deliveries on hardware, meaning that their vendors may be clearing inventory. Could that be to make room for the more popular tablet PCs?

[via GigaOm]

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