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OmniVision releases OV6930, the 1.8mm square camera sensor, coming to an incision near you

Tim Stevens

Usually we like writing about bigger camera sensors -- bigger meaning more light, better quality, and more machismo. But, when you're dealing with a camera that could very well find itself inserted inside your body, we're just fine with smaller, thanks and, at 1.8 x 1.8mm, OmniVision's new OV6930 is about as small as it gets. No, you won't be getting 1080p from that like you would from the company's (relatively) monstrous 3.5mm beast for cellphones, you'll have to deal with just 400 x 400. No word on whether this model will wind up in a pill like an earlier version from 2006, but give it a nice sugar coating and we'd take one -- for science.

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