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White iPhone 4 reportedly due spring of 2011


If you have been holding out for a white iPhone 4, you might only have another three or four months to wait. We reported last month that the white iPhone had been delayed until spring, and now we have confirmation of sorts from Apple.

A number of our readers pinged TUAW over the weekend with news of the new iPhone signage at Apple Stores, which (if you read the fine print) notes that "The White iPhone will be available spring 2011." 9 to 5 Mac's readers also sent in similar reports.

In case you've forgotten when spring begins, that date in 2011 is March 20, with the season stretching until June 21. Apple could theoretically wait until June 21 to release the white iPhone 4, thus keeping their word while driving hordes of potential buyers stark raving mad.

The mythical white iPhone 4 has been on the hot list for many potential iPhone buyers / upgraders who have been holding off until they can have one of the gleaming, pure-as-the-driven-snow devices in their hot little hands. Nobody seems to know why the white iPhone 4 has been missing in action so far; rumors have it that there has been a shortage of unicorns, the ground horns of which are lovingly fabricated into the cases by elves. Others speculate that the white cases tend to discolor under use, and that the various materials used don't precisely match and have not made it past the perfectionist scrutiny of Steve Jobs.

It's our speculation that Apple's captive unicorn breeding program has been wildly successful, and that it will soon be open season on the critters, with white iPhones and rainbow Skittles abounding.

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