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BlackBerry 9570 Storm3 still showing up in Best Buy system

Chris Ziegler

Never mind the Nexus S, right? The long-rumored, unannounced BlackBerry Storm3 still seems to exist -- at least according to Best Buy's "Mobile Genie" system that's used to transfer contacts between customers' old and new devices. Now, we certainly wouldn't take this as concrete evidence that the phone's coming soon -- if at all -- but the find is an interesting conversation piece if nothing else. Torch, watch your back!

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

Update: IntoMobile's Simon Sage points out that the Storm3's been in there for a while, so the question becomes: if it's been chilling there for nearly two months, does that suggest that it really is still on the release roadmap? Depends on how good Best Buy is at cleaning up messes from its internal systems, we suppose.

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