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Codemasters sues NetDevil over Jumpgate Evolution delays


Codemasters is apparently sick of waiting on NetDevil to finish Jumpgate Evolution and has sued the developer, along with its parent company Gazillion Entertainment, over breach of contract [PDF link]. The publisher claims to have spent over $1.4 million on the interminably delayed project, which included $1.1 million in advances and $300,000 in "art assets." The suit states that NetDevil was to complete the project for "commercial release on or before February 24, 2009."

Law of the Game on Joystiq columnist Mark Methenitis explains, "Codemasters wants their money back, in short, for a product that was never delivered. In a contracts case like this, it's one of your only two options given the fact scenario: Everyone gets back what they put in to act like the contract never happened (rescission) or the court forces everyone to complete the contract as written (specific performance). I doubt Codemasters wants the product at this point, so they're asking for what amounts to a refund."

Jumpgate Evolution warped back into development in May 2009 after NetDevil's "Friends & Family" testing brought up issues. A Gazillion representative informed Joystiq that the company has nothing to report on the status of Jumpgate Evolution or its release window at this time, and that the company doesn't comment on legal matters.

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