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DC Universe video touts world, combat physics

Jef Reahard

The DC Universe hype machine is in full swing, what with this week's partial NDA drop and the steady stream of information flowing out of Sony Online Entertainment pertaining to the superhero title.

To that end, game director Chris Cao narrates the latest DCUO video, which focuses on physics and physics-based combat. Note that when Cao says physics, he's talking more comic book and less Stephen Hawking, and the two-minute short does a good job of demonstrating the possibilities generated by what SOE is calling the MMO genre's first fully integrated physics system.

Whether you're looking to encase your enemies in blocks of ice and toss them out of the fight, or use them as a frozen weapon to bludgeon any nearby baddies, it's all doable according the video. Check it out on the official DCUO Facebook page.

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