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FiOS TV coming to Mac, iOS in 2011


FiOS TV is coming to a Mac/iOS device near you. Sometime. In the future. We're not sure when.

From the More of the Same Department comes a tease from Verizon's director of consumer product development, Joe Ambeault. In a brief video (after the break; apologies for Flash), Joe notes that his company is working on a FiOS app for the iPad, iPhone and Mac with a probable release date in early 2011. It's believed that the iPad app, at least, will require a Verizon internet connection, and that Verizon is working on a video-on-demand service.

In August, we saw a brief teaser of an iPad interacting with FiOS, though not much more information has been released since then. There are currently two official FiOS apps on the App Store, including Verizon FiOS Mobile Remote for iPhone and iPod touch (free), which works as a remote for FiOS TV set-top boxes, and Verizon FiOS DVR Manager (free), which lets customers program FiOS DVRs remotely. Neither is universal, so expect pixel-doubling on the iPad.

In the meantime, hurry up and wait.

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