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One Chance: The adventure game you can only play once

Sometimes, Flash-based games catch our collective attention thanks to an innovation so simple it's puzzling that it took a designer so long to put it into practice. That's the case with Awkward Silence Games' One Chance, a simple, side-scrolling adventure title that puts you in the shoes of Dr. Pilgrim. The good doctor has invented a cure for cancer that -- oops! -- will kill every living thing on Earth in six days.

Here's the twist: After you beat the game, you're stuck with the ending you get on your first playthrough (so long as you play along with the limitations of the platform and don't go deleting your browser cache). You don't get a second chance. Hence the name.

There's only a handful of decisions you can make during the last six days on Earth, but each one has an impact on your final, final destination. Choose wisely! Wait, what are you doing? No, don't do that! You'll regret it forever!

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