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$1.7M Apple Store coming to Berkeley; residents sing with joy


The People's Republic of Berkeley is getting a new Apple Store.

ifoAppleStore has all of the details and images of the 15 pound pack of Apple Store blueprints that were recently dropped off at the Berkeley, CA city planning department. The building permit application was filed on November 15th, and shows that the store will occupy and expand upon a current storefront. The Genius Bar is going to be huge, housing 17 seats where Apple-lovin' aging hippies can get assistance.

Several local animal rescue and adoption agencies currently use a plaza in front of the location for animal "meet and adopt" get-togethers, but they'll soon need to find a new location as the storefront will obliterate the plaza.

While the Milo Foundation and several other animal adoption groups might singing the blues over the loss of their plaza, at least one group of local residents listed on YouTube as the Art Licensing Group were so happy about the news that they recorded themselves singing a Christmas-themed tune welcoming the new Apple Store. Check it out after the break.

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