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Nightstand tweets, scans, prints, and presumably makes some sort of artistic statement (video)


Whether tweeting from trees or providing the catalyst for zany conceptual art projects, people love to make Twitter do silly things. Is this simple whimsy, or is it something deeper -- say, some sort of high-minded juxtaposition between the way people live now and how they lived pre-Internet? Hell if we know, but maybe John Kestner can explain it to us. You see, this artist and designer has created something called the Tableau, a networked nightstand that has two functions: scanning and posting images to Twitter, and printing out photos that pop up in your Twitter feed. And that's it. The thing is made from recycled (read: old) materials, and even features an alert in the shape of a light-up drawer pull for notifying you when you receive pics. It's all very clever, cool looking, and potentially heartwarming (unless you have us in your Twitter feed, in which case all you'll receive are pictures of KIRF cellphones). But don't take out word for it -- see for yourself after the break! Currently on display at the Saint-Étienne Biennale 2010, the designer has plans to bring the devices to market sometime next year.

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