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Samsung Gloria to be a 10-inch Windows 7 tablet with slide-out keyboard?

Vlad Savov

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Like a netbook, only not. The latest thing to drop into our "crazy rumor" inbox is the Windows 7 tablet conceptualized above. Blogeee have it on the authority of two separate sources that Samsung is planning a 10-inch slate device dubbed Gloria, which would run Windows 7 and have a slide-out keyboard. What you see above is only a mockup of how this Gloria might appear -- if she ever does appear at all -- though we're told it'll include a Samsung software overlay to make Windows 7 that little bit more touch-friendly. We've yet to find any other corroboration for this beyond Blogeee's sources, so treat it as the unconfirmed bit of salacious info that it is, but if you must feel hopeful about the future, March and April are the months mentioned for a potential release.

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