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Citrix survey finds enterprise iPad enthusiasts are enthusiastic


Citrix, the company behind GoToMyPC and various flavors of virtualization, has released the results of a survey they recently took of iPad users. These weren't just any iPad users, though, but those who are part of the Citrix iPads At Work community, a site with information and forums for people who have or want iPads as part of their enterprise environment.

What did Citrix learn about the iPad in the enterprise, from people who have and/or want them there? Unsurprisingly, they're popular! What's interesting is the data that contradicts my own personal experience, primarily that 57 percent of respondents said the company will buy iPads for corporate use. All of my experience has shown that people who purchased iPads for personal use aren't that interested in using them to access corporate data. They mostly just want to take notes in meetings without looking like they're texting. However, more than one person who has asked me about mine has mentioned that everyone they talk to has a company-issued iPad.

I also noticed while reading the survey and results that a lot of people think it is a benefit to have another way to work in even more places than before. I guess I'm in the minority that believes there's a benefit to a line between work time and personal time. Another thing I found interesting is that "iPad" isn't recognized by whatever spell checker Citrix is using. I was wondering how my computer could possibly think that iPad was misspelled, and then I realized the red underline was part of the graphic.

There isn't a lot of revolutionary information here, but I did find it interesting to see how many people have come to rely on the iPad as heavily as they do. Considering the iPad was announced less than a year ago and only released eight months ago, it seems like a very steep adoption curve in the traditionally more conservative enterprise environment.

What has your "iPad at work" experience been?

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