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Correction: X-Men Arcade coming to PSN in North America on Dec. 14, XBLA on Dec. 15


Konami representatives confirmed with Joystiq tonight that X-Men Arcade will be arriving in North America on PlayStation Network next week on December 14, while Xbox Live Arcade gets it the next day. We originally reported that the game had a two-month window of exclusivity on Xbox Live Arcade, per Konami reps speaking with Eurogamer. It appears that this report is not the case, at least for the game's North American release -- US-based Konami reps couldn't confirm European release dates for X-Men Arcade as of publishing.

Furthermore, the game was given a December 26 North American launch date by Konami reps speaking to GameFocus in a recent video interview. Since the interview, however, the PSN launch date has been moved up and North Americans can get their co-op Magneto murdering in a full 12 days earlier. We're just hoping that buying the game won't be as maddeningly difficult as nailing down a solid release date from its publisher.

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