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Diago's Little Smasher puts a 5W guitar amp in a tiny carbon steel box (video)


Sure, you can always plug your axe into a computer (or even an iPhone) and make sweet, sweet music with software. But what about those times you need an honest-to-goodness amplifier? Diago's Little Smasher is a full-fledged 5 watt guitar amp head that is only roughly the size of an effects pedal. The thing's quite stripped down -- active bass and treble (which gives you more control of the tone than passive EQs), gain, volume, 4-16 ohm output impedance (should work with any speaker cabinet), and that's pretty much it! We should probably also add that the carbon steel enclosure is a nice touch, and one that will be appreciated when you're fighting off a stage invasion at the next Lilith Fair. But you probably want to hear how it sounds -- and for that, we direct you to the video placed after the break. Available for $250 this January.

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