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MacBook Air versus PowerBook 145B video smackdown


The oldsters at TUAW (yeah, I'm one of 'em) just love it when someone does a comparison of some nice new shiny Apple technology with Michael Spindler-era Apple products.

Today's example comes from TUAW reader and Duke University sociology professor Kieran Healy, who kept the PowerBook 145B that helped him throughout grad school. As he says in the blog post accompanying the video (after the break), "despite being such a seemingly underpowered dinosaur, it (the Powerbook) nevertheless cold-booted faster than any computer I've owned since." That "dinosaur" had a 25 MHz 68030 processor, 4MB of RAM, and a huge (for the time) 40MB hard disk drive.

Healy recent purchased an 11" MacBook Air, which he put to the test versus the aging speedster. The Air won handily in the bootup race, loading OS X and even a few applications (I saw 1Password appearing on the Air's screen) before the PowerBook finished loading all of those extensions. Enjoy the video, and especially the final shot comparing the size of the two laptops.

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