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Rumor: Mass Effect 3 to be revealed at the VGAs, will include multiplayer [update]


Joystiq has learned from a trusted source that BioWare's enigmatic teaser from last month represents the first glimpse of Mass Effect 3. As many have guessed, the third installment looks to feature something brand new to the series: multiplayer. We're currently unable to confirm that the multiplayer component will be part of the game's unveiling at the upcoming Spike Video Game Awards.

The Spike VGAs will air this Saturday night, preceded by a good deal of internet speculation brought on by the above teaser image. As spotted by one of our commenters, Arth Vader, the gun above looks exactly like the M-29 Incisor Sniper Rifle from Mass Effect 2. BioWare has also blasted out curious QR codes via its Twitter feed, all of which indirectly reference things from the Mass Effect universe, including the Vostok system and the surface temperature of the planet Aequitas.

So, who's ready for more Mass Effect? Do we even need to ask?

Update: While the game was indeed revealed during the VGAs, Game Informer's feature article on Mass Effect 3 has seemingly ruled out multiplayer (though it may appear in a different game tied to the franchise).

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