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Mac App Store won't support Game Center, in-app purchases


With the launch of the Mac App Store about a month away, many developers are preparing their apps for distribution in a whole new way. However, they're finding that the store won't offer all of the features of its iOS counterpart, at least in its initial release. Specifically, Game Center and in-app purchases aren't supported.

9to5 Mac reports that Apple has informed developers of the news with two curt messages: "Note: In app purchases are not available for Mac OS X apps" and "Note: Game Center is not available for Mac OS X apps." That's too bad, as in-app purchases could have offered interesting revenue options for Mac OS X developers, and it would be fun to have games of Flight Control HD for the Mac (our review here), for example, count towards one's Game Center rankings.

Still, this doesn't mean those features will never be a part of the Mac App Store. We'd rather see Apple exercise the restraint necessary to get the initial release right than cram in everything.

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