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Mindjack video introduces 'Instant Multiplayer,' gaudy pre-order bonuses revealed

Don't let the truly appalling voiceover work in the video posted after the jump distract you from said video's key thesis: Square Enix's Mindjack's multiplayer mode looks pretty unique. Online players can instantly jump into your single-player campaign, and can inhabit the bodies of monsters, mechs and humans to shoot and sliiiiiide their way towards either helping or hindering your progress. Check out the trailer below to see all the body hackin' (body, body hackin') unfold.

If the "Instant Multiplayer" shown below appeals to your manipulative senses, Square Enix has announced some incentives for early adopters. Anyone who pre-orders the game will be able to download the "Ability Pack," which gives them an unlimited sprint boost, as well as a gold uniform for their in-game soldier. Because nothing helps you blend in with the crowd like a bright gold jumpsuit, except for literally anything else.

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Gamers who pre-order the upcoming action (online) shooter MINDJACK from Square Enix will be rewarded with the exclusive "Ability Pack" downloadable content which will provide a significant mobility advantage against foes on the futuristic battlefield. MINDJACK is being developed in Japan by feelplus inc., and will release in North America on January 18, 2011 for the PlayStation 3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.

The MINDJACK Ability Pack downloadable content bonus includes the following mobility and other enhancements:

· Unlimited Dash: Have the ability to quickly navigate through the terrain for an unlimited amount of time

· Instant High Voltage: Be able to dash in "Wanderer Mode", a state in which you can travel as an electromagnetic wave to search for your next target to hack

· Elite FIA Soldier Suit: A limited-edition gold uniform for your soldier in-game

Gamers can grab their advantage over their online foes by pre-ordering the game today at or by visiting, Best Buy and GameStop.

To learn more about the technology that makes mind-hacking possible, please visit the newly launched corporate web site at

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