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More on Catherine's nightmare stairways


The action stages in Atlus's Catherine involve the nightmares of "hero" Vincent, as he climbs stairs in some kind of dreamworld tower. That much we knew. A feature in this week's Famitsu, translated by Andriasang, offers a bit more detail about these surreal segments.

There's a sort of puzzle element to these action sequences, according to the new article: the "stairway" is made of blocks that Vincent has to shift around to make a path. That path has to be made quickly and efficiently, because there's a time limit. Some of the blocks have spike or bomb traps, which Famitsu suggests can be used as items.

As for those sheep-men that inhabit the dream? They aren't enemies: instead, Vincent can get clues about the mysteries in his waking life by talking to them. "I heard that girl Catherine is BAAAAAd news." Ewe'd do wool to listen to them.

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