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Razer Orochi crafted from oil and glycerin, scrubs your bod between frag sessions

Sean Hollister

When we first got wind of Etsy seller Digitalsoaps in early 2009, she had but a humble NES gamepad and a couple of other controllers to her name -- fast forward to today, and you'll find the bubbly entrepreneur doing a brisk business in all sorts of wonderfully geeky soap shapes. This $10 Razer Orochi mouse is the latest, and as you can see it's close enough to the real thing to trick your buds at the next LAN party. Sadly, this particular soap is a limited-time offer -- and moving fast -- but the seller also deals in a painstakingly detailed Xbox 360 controller, caffeinated shampoo soda bottles, and sudsy replicas of any classic Nintendo cartridge you care to name.

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