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Minecraft to enter Beta phase Dec. 20, modder support coming in future updates

Our little procedurally-generated, co-operative world-building indie gem is growing up so fast -- Minecraft creator Markus Persson has announced on his blog that his super successful title will enter its Beta phase on December 20. The change will be reflected by "a larger focus on polish and content," and will add oft-requested elements like modder support, more late-game goals and "some kind of non-intrusive narrative." Thank goodness -- we've had to create our own narrative up 'til now, and it makes absolutely no sense. (Those pigs -- they have a dark secret.)

Look sharp, though -- Persson explained that when the game goes into its Beta phase, he'll be removing the section in the game's license which "promises all future versions of the game for free." Don't worry: If you purchased the game while still in the Alpha phase, you'll still get future updates on the house. In addition, the game's price will be increased to €14.95 once it enters Beta, so it really pays to get in on the ground floor while you still can.

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