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T-Mobile ships Bluetooth Swivel Dock for myTouch 4G

Chris Ziegler

Looking (and sounding) a bit like a more-advanced version of the Bluetooth dock that accompanied the Nexus One, it seems that T-Mobile has started shipping a so-called Bluetooth Swivel Dock for its recently-launched myTouch 4G -- and, well, you can get a pretty good idea of exactly what it is from the name. Indeed: not only does this bad boy charge your phone, it routes Bluetooth audio to a 3.5mm jack that you can leave connected to that bookshelf system of yours. Oh, and it swivels, which frees you of the arduous task of knocking the dock on its side should you wish to view some landscape material. TmoNews says this is starting to filters into stores for $49.99, so you should be able to try your luck at your local corporate-owned shop right now if you're interested.

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