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UFC suing Ubisoft over Fighters Uncaged catchphrase

We thought that Ubisoft would be the recipient of a lawsuit over its Kinect-equipped fighting game, Fighters Uncaged, but we'd assumed said suit would have something to do with the game's near-lethal terribleness. As it turns out, the Ultimate Fighting Championship took umbrage with the game for another reason: The organization is claiming that the game's on-the-box catchphrase of "Become the Ultimate Fighting Weapon" too closely mirrors the group's name, and may cause shoppers to think they're actually purchasing an officially licensed UFC game.

The group is seeking unspecified damages from Ubisoft, as well as a ceasing of sales of the game until the offending phrase is removed from its packaging. Man, first "It's On Like Donkey Kong," and now this -- is nothing sacred anymore? We can't count the number of times we refer to ourselves in conversation as the "Ultimate Fighting Machines" or "The Kings of Ultimate Fighting." We're talking like, dozens of times per day.

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