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On the sixth day of Christmas my true love gave to me: Vindictus, zebra stockings and giant spiders


It's not often that we in the Massively offices are just plain stumped, but today Nexon receives that rare badge of distinction. To usher in Vindictus' holiday event, Nexon has put together a 48-second video of pure insanity. It runs the gamut of snowball fights, mostly naked people wearing zebra underwear, giant spiders, pigs and one exhausted-looking Santa Claus.

The festivities begin in Vindictus on Wednesday, December 15th and revolve around the battle with Laghodessa, a giant arachnid with a penchant for taking all the presents and drinking all of the egg nog. Nexon has asked the players to speculate about why their characters may have a vendetta against the plus-sized spider and for the players to send in their stories. Once players have defeated Laghodessa, they'll have the opportunity to craft a unique spider cloth armor set. Nexon's also throwing out a number of goodies, including free XP weekends, free boat trips and free potions for the taking.

Head on over to Vindictus to read up on the event, or hit the jump and witness the holidays seen through the lens of the insane.

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