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Chime Super Deluxe headed to PSN


Good news for music-infused puzzle game fans, as it looks like Zoë Mode is giving Chime another go. According to both the Australian Classification Board and the German USK, Chime Super Deluxe was recently classified (December 10, according to the Aussie board). It looks like this version will not be published by the One Big Game charity label, but rather Zoë Mode's parent company, Kuju Entertainment.

The USK lists the title for the PS3 (likely the PSN), while the Classification Board notes the game is for multiple platforms. We contacted Zoë mode for clarification and were told that the multi platform listing was a "mistake," implying that Chime Super Deluxe will indeed be exclusive to PSN. The company added that the title "will be fully announced in the new year." Without being too presumptuous, we're going to guess it will be more "super" and "deluxe" than the previous version.

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